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The pope must be drunk – 6 ore di musiche da sconfinamento

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Una raccolta delle già citate belle musiche del 2020 in una pratica, resistente e tascabile collezione di (quasi) sei ore.
Divise in due parti, perché così.

Scalette complete qui sotto:

The pope must be drunk – part 1. Blues Ideology
00h00’00” Irreversible Entanglements – Blues Ideology
00h06’45” clipping – Say the Name
00h09’11” Black Pus – Careless vesper
00h12’27” Field Works ft. Mary Lattimore – Silver Secrets
00h17’39” Alfio Antico – Nun naiu sonnu
00h21’51” Duma – Omni
00h25’37” Jonah Parzen-Johnson – Everything Is Everything Else
00h30’11” Kooba Tercu – Fair game
00h33’38” Horse Lords – Fanfare for effective freedom
00h40’38” Frequency Disasters – Tuttodipunta
00h45’35” Shabaka and the Ancestors – Finally, The Man Cried
00h51’13” Sibusile Xaba – Tribute to Bafo
00h54’42” Bill Callahan – Breakfast
00h57’12” Harriet Riley & Alex Garden – Sonder
01h01’02” Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay – Vetiver
01h04’26” Nazar – Retaliation
01h07’44” Vile Creature – Glory! Glory! + Apathy Took Helm!
01h19’41” Keith Tippett – The Monk Watches the Eagle, Pt. 3
01h22’59” Amnesia Scanner – As U will be fine
01h26’55” Lee Ranaldo & Raül Refree – Humps (Espriu Mix)
01h32’32” Mohsen Namjoo – Div o fereshteh
01h37’36” Extraliscio – Casetta mia
01h40’44” Wendy Eisenberg – Futures
01h43’09” Mourning [A] BLKstar – Mist — Missed
01h46’37” Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids – Dogon Mysteries
01h51’18” King Khan – Tribute To The Pharaoh’s Den
01h54’51” Sunwatchers – The Earthsized Thumb [EXT]
01h57’31” Praed Orchestra – Embassy of Embarrassment [EXT]
02h02’23” Silvia Tarozzi – Parlavi di un bambino
02h04’29” Patrick Higgins – SQ3 (IV) Fugue (Burial)
02h09’22” Oliver Coates – Caregiver part 5 (money)
02h14’20” Juliana Barwick – Flowers
02h16’45” Cindy Lee – Speaking From Above
02h21’48” Nubo – Mezame
02h26’03” Joyfultalk – I’ve Got That Trans-Dimensional Feeling Again
02h33’45” Neptunian Maximalism – Heka Hou Sia [EXT]
02h39’57” Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra – Parable 3000
02h44’39” Okuden Quartet – Lesson 2 [EXT]
02h51’23” Kaja Draksler Octet – Away!
02h58’10” Bdrmm – Forget the credits


The pope must be drunk – 2. Hallelujah
00h00’00” Still House Plants – Do
00h03’36” The Heliocentrics – 99% Revolution
00h08’37” Metz – The mirror
00h13’39” Hallelujah! – Wanna Dance
00h15’55” Sole – Numb
00h18’13” Rojin Sharafi – Ghaaf Kaaf Gaaf
00h21’10” Kaboom karavan – Bots
00h22’47” Mabe Fratti – Rompiendo Piel + Jonas Arena
00h29’13” Shirley Collins – Crowlink
00h33’13” Lyra Pramuk – Xeno
00h37’37” Uniform – Shame
00h41’23” Toned – The private sector
00h42’36” Dargen D’amico – Non sono più innamorato [EXT]
00h44’18” Lloyd Miller – Philosiphertoggy (Ian’s Tune)
00h48’42” Anna Högberg Attack – Pärlemor
00h53’21” Angie McMahon – Born To Die
00h57’22” Liturgy – SIHEYMN’s Lament
01h00’53” Pyrrhon – Cornered Animal
01h03’40” Six Organs of Admittance – The 101
01h08’07” Kiko Dinucci – Olodé
01h10’58” Lina_Raül Refree – Os meus olhos sao dois cirios
01h14’56” Duval Timothy feat. Vegyn – Like
01h18’17” Jeff Parker – Metamorphoses
01h20’04” Turning jewels into water – Swirl in the Waters
01h25’12” Saint Abdullah – Orbit Of Zero
01h29’13” Sisso – Chaka (Bonus)
01h32’56” Run the jewels – Yankee And The Brave
01h35’20” Moor Mother feat. Irreversible Entanglements – Circuit Bity
01h43’52” Wasted shirt – Zeppelin 5
01h47’37” Kukaya – Karuma Nkhamtondoli The Biting Lizard Ingoma
01h49’58” Matthew Halsal – Canopy & Stars
01h54’55” Military Genius – When I Close My Eyes
01h59’45” USA Nails – Temporary Home
02h02’42” Straw Man Army – Slow violence
02h04’19” Sun Ra arkestra – Seductive Fantasy [EXT]
02h09’58” Steph Richards – Sleeping in the Sky
02h12’13” Daniel Blumberg – Silence Breaker
02h16’42” Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes
02h21’03” Zedashe – Akebdit
02h24’52” MXLX – Mostly Burned
02h29’49” Raspberry Bulbs – Ultra Vires
02h33’21” the X – Goodbye Year, Goodbye
02h35’28” the Good Ones – Young People Are the Future

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